Some uncomfortable truths about the state of the Lake District National Park and Farming

The Public need to know what they hear and read is either the truth, the whole truth or nothing about the Truth.

The truth will out and here it is so you can make your own mind up what to do.



"Defra have buried analysis and bleak future for hill farmers because it was BAD NEWS!

Guardian Report 20th February 2024.

This comes from the top, so says it all. Its a mess. They known its a mess and hide it, so now its a mess for them.

Cannot be trusted to tell the truth and spin and peddle some other auxiliary nature rewilding manure as positive news.


Natural England

Superficial layer cake that is unecessary. Quango facade to do the dirty work.

National Trust

They do not act in accordance with their own Charter in protecting Farming. In fact they are blindly following Natural England to dismantle and destroy existing Farming practice. Rather than stand with Farmers, they cowardly spin alternative future farming as progress. It's not farming as you know it. It's gardening. Upland farmers will become hill rangers with token livestock. Meddling and fiddling without a clue or worse still not caring for the very livelihoods and preserve heritage they are hell bent on standing against farmers. The public deserve to know the truth and make up their own mind, that NT that needs to be held accountable to preserve and sustain farming for future generations. This is not about climate change and carbon zero policy with rewinding. It's about an organisation that covertly goes against it's own Charter and destroys what ain't broken and moreover does not care of the consequences of ruining heritage and a landscape created by farmers, yes sorry folks be under no illusion not Nature left running wold. It's run by a shambolic team not fit for purpose with absolutely no connection or clue about Nature and Farming.  Engagement with farmers is akin to enticing manipulation with blarney to force the hands of farmers who are the true custodians of the Land and know what works and what does not work in practice from experience. Why are farmers forced to install fickle practices that go against the grain and passed down the generations that live and work as a way of life, a labour of love and in their blood. 
There are those that will be enticed with the goody bag for short term survival with consequential flock reduction or total wipe out.There are those that will not. And you know what NT does to those? One Farmer has been paid a substantial 6 figure sum to leave the Tennant Farm. You see there is a clandestine redundancy scheme at work here and NT are practicing stealth with their wealth and will not comment on individual cases, but be under no illusion folks there is an undisclosed opaque scheme at work to get rid off farmers who will not yield to the bullying stick even though they may get a beating or nice pay-off to bugger off.
NT also buy or receive Farms as beneficiaries then liquidate their assets to better up both control via Land acquisition and improve the books. Tenants are treated like pawns that can be pushed around willy nilly and many are on very very short agreements of 12 months. What on earth can they do in 12 months in farming. Nowt.
No apologies here NT are about as transparent and useful as a stained oily rag.
Time to oust the lot and replace by people who can follow what they were established to do and know how to achieve that rather than pocketing billions and become farming slayers. The dragon that needs slaying here is the NT for it is the demon that is killing sheep and with it the Lake District as you know it. If you wish to see gardens with well stocked flowers and carefully barbered trees go to one their stately homes and enjoy what they are. The Lake District Farms are for farming not garden centres with Ranger Rick pruning the flower beds for visitors to smell. It should smell of farmers toil and ring out with bleating lambs with sheepdogs doing what they do best. if it carries on, farmers will be in a museum and robotic sheep will be roaming the fells who shepherd themselves with electronic AI. That folks would not be progress. You can legitimately label me a die hard old fart having kaleidoscope vision based on some romantic and ingrained perceptions or representations of the Lake District, but I am not the only one who wishes to preserve what simply works for the most part and is a little piece of heaven which should not be destroyed by those that have another agenda.
This is not being clueless, it is being intentionally by design and operation reckless from a Charitable Body that is not implementing its own Charter Act for preservation. The Truth will out and it will in the form of a Public Inquiry. in progress with a fancy vision of future farming however do they need to go to supersavers when the reality of their vision is fundamentally flawed by what is in front of them and sort of says it all as the CEO having created the vision and new plan of action heads off into the mountains on another career path as a guide. Superficial organisational layering at play again with blurred fuzzy eyesight this organisation is a shambles with farming and they have no clout with farmers.


Friends of The Lake District. Who ?

United Utilities, aka Conan the Barbarian in farming. Why have sheep and farming tenants when its easier without them you might say. But wait a minute, if they blame sheep for polluting water catchment, when in fact as has been reluctantly now been disclosed by UU on telly the real pollutant is them, why can them and put tenant farmers on token short term contracts (that will do nothing in that time) or pay them off with large (seven figure) sums of money to bugger off. Sounds familiar with the NT doing what they do? Yes it is. Clandestine redundancy scheme.
None of this is helping sustain and preserve Heritage in the Lake District. It is doing the opposite by directly unpicking, often by devious and stealth means the very solid and stable stitching framework that exists to warrant the acclaimed and deserved World Heritage status. By unpicking the very threads that kept it together these bodies and organisations are ripping open and exposing the core fundamental values that kept if future proof. This is not forward-ability this is destruction in action and now gaining momentum towards a tipping point beyond which it will not recover. When its gone, it will be gone forever.


So, who can the Public trust to preserve the heritage of the Lake District : The Farmers, who created it and do it with muddy boots and dirty hands, sweat and toil. Its their way of life. With a new framework that protects from a top level it diminishes or in some cases removes the roles of the meddling layers who by design or incompetence are destroying the heritage.


This is NOT about being luddite and looking back at how it was back in the day should be how it should be now with rosy tinted and jaded glasses, farming is going through a huge transition and nature recovery has an important place in that transition, however the bodies and organizations in place to oversee and manage it are themselves not fit for purpose to perform this. The whole framework needs an upgrade and new operating system. That is why this is all about. To ensure preservation we need a new and improved way of implementing change that is firmly and sqaurely in the hands of those that do the work.

So what of all of this is the solution:
A new body with a new Law and Regulation to preserve Lake District Heritage.


These are my opinions being around farmers but the facts are facts. I am responsible for what I say and accountable for that, but am not responsible for your understanding or take on it is. I will stand my ground in the open with farmers, yet it is the organisations that are elusive and hide behind walls for protection.