bigger, bolder and better than the first campaign

What do we want:
A new overarching body set up by the Government with remit to ensure all plans and policies are agreed, operated and managed with input from Upland Farmers throughout the Lake District WH site, so any decisions are in agreement with those who have to work and live with them. Root and branch reform. A new Law with Regulatory Body.  A coherent remit to provide a stable framework and resolve disjointed and disparate changing agenda of existing bodies and organizations which do not protect the Lake District heritage. 

Why do we need it and now:
Without change now, upland farming in the Lake District will be wiped out and with that the key attribute of the World Heritage criterion. Herdwick sheep farming is synonymous and an integral part of the Lake District agro-pastoralism environment for farmers and visitors alike. Once its gone, it will be will be lost forever. Evidential based data show clearly the extermination is under way and desacration of the farming community within the Lake District.



"DEFRA buried analysis of hill famers as it was Bad News.."

Guardian 20th Feb, 2024


"It is not the size of the dog in the fight;

its the size of the fight in the dog."

Winston Churchill